Traditions of Vietnam: Snake Ritual


Vietnamese traditions are full of superstitions. There are many kinds of rituals, every important event in the life of the Vietnamese happens in compliance with certain rules and rituals. But even in everyday life Vietnamese adhere to their traditions, although Western culture has a significant impact on the Vietnamese identity. Among the customs of Vietnam there are many that are associated with healing and restoring of the body. Snake ritual is one of them. The Vietnamese believe that if one eats still beating heart of a  snake and drinks the blood of the animal three times a year, the man’s strength will increase, and the women will improve their the immune system, and in general one can live up to 100 years.

Snake ritual

For the ritual, you will need a cobra. You can certainly take another snake, but the Vietnamese prefer cobra. You can order a ritual in a restaurant and it will cost you about $ 100 a cobra and you can go on a trip to the village of snake catchers and participate in the ritual there. It will cost a little more, but it is more authentic.

Snake ritual is unfolding in the following manner:

You will be shown a snake, whose heart and gall bladder you will have to eat. Then with a pair of scissors the snake’s head will be cut off, and the blood drained out of the body in a bottle of vodka.  The snake’s head which continues to move for quite a long time after being cut off looks scary and impressive. Then a snake’s heart and gall bladder are being taken out, and the Brave heart will have to swallow it all while drinking vodka with blood. But the ritual does not end there, you will have five snake meat dishes cooked for you and that you need to eat them too. Snake meat is quite pleasant, but does not have any special taste. In general, you will never think that you are having a snake, unless you know.

If you ordered a ritual with a snake in the village of snake catchers, there you can buy a variety of liqueurs with snakes and medicinal herbs. However, be sure to inquire how they need to be taken, because many of them are so powerful in their effects on the body that can cause serious side effects. In general, treat them as real medicine.

This is only one ritual associated with the animal world, and in general in the customs of Vietnam there are a lot of them, but now they have been preserved mainly in the hidden villages, and not in large cities.

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