“Out of the Box” Hotel in Vietnam

Hang Nga Guesthouse & Art Gallery


Stopping in the hotel Hang Nga Guesthouse & Art Gallery located in Dalat, Vietnam, you will feel like one of the characters of Daniel Defoe’s “Robinson Crusoe” book. This hotel was designed by a Vietnamese architect Hang Nga. The complex consists of three buildings resembling giant awkward stumps. Inside the room walls seems to proceed to the floor. That is why this place is also called the “House of Crazy.” The hotel has got a hedge in the form of unseen animals and mythical creatures. Animal theme extends to the interior of the rooms: one has an eagle hatching a giant egg, the other – a huge ant or a giraffe. All this was painted by local Vietnamese artists. Be careful in the upper floors there is no ceiling, but here guests can enjoy the stars. Sometimes the tourists who come to visit a local art gallery can be disturbing, but if you do not pay attention to them, stay in this hotel will be 10 out 10!

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