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Halong Bay is UNESCO World Heritage Site in Vietnam. The bay is located in the Gulf of the South China Sea, and consists of more than 2000 islands of rocks and other rocky formations on the area more than 1500 square kilometers.The scale of this spectacle is truly staggering. This is one of the places in the north of Vietnam, which is a “must-see” according to all tour guides.

Halong Bay is a very popular place and has long been a hallmark of North Vietnam. The huge demand created a large number of proposals of various tours and excursions in Halong Bay. This article is about Halong Bay tour and what to expect from the tour.

There are three ways to visit Halong Bay:

The first way – reach the port by bus from Hanoi and buy a tour directly at the box office at the port. They say that it would be cheaper, but there is a good chance that you won’t get is what you agreed to (although the risk of being cheated is always in Vietnam);

The second way is to book a tour with one of many firms in Hanoi or directly at the hotel. It would be more expensive, but you will be picked up directly from the hotel. You can see for yourself if it is worth to buy a tour at the hotel or to look around for better options.

The third way is to get to Halong Bay by bus or car from Hanoi. Distance is about 150 – 170 km. But the road itself will take you 3-4 hours.

We felt a bit tired after travelling in north Vietnam and decided to opt for a hotel pick up. Prices depend on the number of days, nights and on the luxury type (standard, superior, deluxe). We took a tour of 2 days and 1 night, the price ranging from $ 45 – $ 90 per person. We choose a “superior” type, which came to $ 60 per person.

The tour includes: Transfer from the hotel to the ship, visiting the bay, kayaking, visiting caves, swimming at the beach, spending the night on the boat, lunch, dinner and breakfast, delivery back to the hotel.


The tour does not include: Swimming from the boat and any drinks on the boat, even water.

They took us to the hotel at 8.30 am and 12.00 were on the pier.


The view at the entrance to Halong Bay is certainly impressive, that is why people are coming here.



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