10 things to do in Vietnam

Have you already booked your flight to Vietnam for your next vacation? Not yet? Well, while you are thinking about it, here are 10 places we suggest you visit  in Vietnam.

In Ho Chi Minh

  1. Eating at the restaurant Nha Hang Ngon

It is a highly recommended restaurant, serving typical Vietnamese of high quality. It is always full, as it has a certificate of excellence on tripadvisor. Do not miss the opportunity to eat there!

  1. The Museum of War in Vietnam

It is probably the most famous museum in Vietnam, where you will see some preserved objects from the War with the United States (helicopters, tanks and s.o) and an exhibition of the crimes committed by the Americans.

  1. The post office building

Strange but true: this French building is one of the most visited places by tourists. Why not take advantage and send a postcard to your family ?:)

  1. The cathedral of Saigon

And right in front of the post office in the 1st district, in the heart of the city of Saigon, the cathedral of Notre Dame is situated. It is the tallest nineteenth century building in the city .

In Hanoi

  1. The Old Town of Hanoi

It is well worth getting lost in the old town – entering it is like being in a maze. Each street is specialized in a particular type of product.

In Sapa

  1. Being lost in the villages and rice Sapa fields

You’ll be captivated by the isolated villages and vast rice fields in the country side. The friendliness of its people will pleasantly surprise you and you will be kindly guided and helped through the area.

  1. Eating in Sapa Market

If you like genuine purely local markets and environments, do not hesitate to visit the market sapa, and have lunch at one of their stops. We highly recommend to take the fish with a delicious sauce.

  1. Try the Vietnamese coffee

It has a strong taste which can not be defined as delicious. Normally it is served with ice in a glass, sometimes also with condensed milk.

  1. Browsing through Halong bay

Do not leave Vietnam without spending one morning browsing through Halong Bay. Although perhaps the tourist boats are very crowded, you can choose to hire one privately with other travelers, and locals will be delighted to show you alternative sites. The coachsurfing is a very good option to find someone to share a boat.



  1. Stroll along the Ngo Dong River

If you enjoyed Halong bay, do not miss on a tour of the Ngo Dong River in Tam Coc. You will enjoy incredible landscapes and watching the boatmen row.


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